The Makings Of A Luxurious Pink Salt Hair Mist

The Makings Of A Luxurious Pink Salt Hair Mist

We’ve been working with Seraphine Botanicals for over three years now and this brand has never ceased to amaze us and our subscribers. As an anniversary special, this December we are taking a sneak peak into their skin care lab in Europe to find out how their Pink Salt + Apricot Hair Texturizing Mist was made. Sylvia was kind enough to give us the lowdown on the entire process : 

I guess yours is probably the only brand our subscribers don’t need an introduction to. We’ve worked together in the past three years and featured more than 40 products from you so far. Is there anything new you are yet to reveal to our customers next year?

Absolutely. We are always thinking outside the box.

“We are blessed with a very creative team who spends most of their time developing new products, reading about new skincare trends and ensuring that whatever they decide to create, it is created with purpose & integrity.”

Subscription boxes like Nourish Beauty Box are a great way to showcase our extensive line and they also encourage us to continuously develop new and forward-thinking products to cater to their customers’ ever increasing demands.

You’re currently preparing a really interesting product for the hair made with Apricot Kernel Oil, Himalayan Pink Sea Salt, Beetroot and Tangerine Oil. Why were these ingredients selected?

Apricot Kernel and Tangerine Oils are fantastic ingredients to use on the hair and scalp. They are incredibly moisturizing, packed with essential fatty acids, are much lighter than other fruit or vegetable oils and unlike other unrefined oils for instance, have a clean, subtle and pleasant scent. Himalayan Pink Sea Salt, which is packed with minerals and trace elements, keeps hair looking healthy as well as gives it that amazing beach-wavy look. We also love using Beetroot in any form whether as an extract, a juice or oil simply because it’s a super veggie with amazing antibacterial properties.

“It’s important to use ingredients that actually work. A lot of our time is actually spent sourcing for sustainable, fairtrade ingredients that have crucial benefits for the skin or hair”

The hair mist we are currently making has a nicely balanced formula that we have been testing for months now. It not only works but keeps your hair smelling wonderful at the same time. I can’t wait to reveal this beauty to you in January 2019!

How do you source your ingredients?

Most of our ingredients are bought from trusted suppliers and small, local farms that produce exceptional quality products.

“We also have a small field where we grow our own herbs and flowers, which we then use to brew fragrant hydrosols or infuse into oils for our skincare line.”

It really is a dream come true to be able to work like this - to have your own lab, fresh ingredients and wonderful team members. This way we have complete control over our formulations to ensure they’re as efficacious as possible while staying vegan, paraben-free and cruelty-free.

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