The Making Of Celery Cream & Eyebright by Peony Cosmetics

The Making Of Celery Cream & Eyebright by Peony Cosmetics

The Inspiration

Peony is one of those under-the-radar brands that we've always championed ever since we discovered how their flower-powered products were made and the amount of work, love and care that went into each of them. From the moment we introduced their no-nonsense, vegan, gluten-free skin remedies into our boxes, they've been a huge hit with our community of wellness-loving subscribers, from their whimsical, petal-inspired packaging right down to their Made In Europe concoctions that are 100% handcrafted with the most amazing ingredients and scents.

What Makes A Celery Heart Tick?

Celery is an amazing anti-inflammatory agent and its seed extract and oils have long been used in aromatherapy and aromachologie to not only prevent oxidative skin stress, but to help calm skin irritation and inflammation. Celery Heart is a one-of-a-kind moisturizer that melts onto skin without leaving an oily residue and can be combined with other night creams and serums to further boost skin hydration. 

Why Eyebright? 

Simply because it's the only effective botanical eye serum that we've ever tried that works within 24 hours. Made with Lupin Seed, Pineapple, Ginger extracts, it is further powered by lactobacillus ferment which has a whole host of skincare benefits, including inhibiting harmful bacteria growth, making Eyebright just as effective as a face serum. 

The Small Batches Champion

When we discovered this, we knew we had to share it! Peony's skincare products are never made in batches larger than 250 pieces at any one time to ensure maximum goodness and freshness (and to also allow their creams to cure properly). Once it's sold out, the entire production process has to be repeated from scratch, taking up to 5 months at a time, making it truly limited-edition and one-of-a-kind. It really is all about doing small things with great love, and handcrafting each piece carefully, purposefully and with the best of intentions.

More Info

Celery Heart is in October 2017's box while Eyebright is in November 2017's box



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