Probiotic Skincare & Why We Believe In It!

Probiotic Skincare & Why We Believe In It!

Picture this : You are walking for hours in the beautiful, snowy mountains and then you spot it. A majestic, crystal clear glacier towering up just ahead of you. You are in awe, speechless and perhaps a bit short of breath.  Frankly, this is exactly how we felt when we first tried Canadian brand Nayelle’s vegan line of skincare. So, this January we decided to share our excitement with you and introduce their CLEANSE Face Wash made of incredibly rich ingredients by a beautiful team of determined professionals. We spoke with brand President Tanya Moss and here’s what she had to say about their journey :

How did NAYELLE come to be?

Nayelle was created out of the desire to bring an effective, natural skincare regime to the market with proven anti-aging results. Peter, Ben and myself each have special reasons why we joined this business venture. For me personally, I was fed up with seeing little to no results from the skincare products that my aesthetician recommended. I was paying top dollar for what was supposed to be a proactive way to age gracefully. Then I tried the probiotic sample that Peter & Ben created and was so impressed as the eczema on my hands cleared up in a few weeks!

“I thought to myself, if this product can heal the eczema I’ve had for 30 years, well then it must be good!”

I also was looking for a skincare that was natural and toxin-free as it was becoming known that harsh ingredients can contribute to disease and cancer. Lastly, my three teens were suffering from acne and problematic skin and had tried a very popular brand out of desperation. Once I learned what the ingredients were, I had them stop immediately. They tried Nayelle’s regime and saw vast improvements in their skin. So it was with these three concerns that got me behind Nayelle. I am proud to be the president of this company. I love promoting this product because it its proven to be safe, effective and it feels good to represent it! 

For our CEO and Chief Biochemist, Peter Jurkemik, with his holistic medicine and scientific background, he jumped at the opportunity. Ben asked him to be the chief biochemist to take a probiotic patent and formulate a new skincare product suitable for today’s skincare demands. He looked at his wife’s beauty products and was shocked to see propylene glycol on their ingredient label as it’s the chemical used in engine coolant! He saw the business opportunity for a good skincare line in the market and knew he could make a more superior product.

“Nature’s best kept secret is created with a fusion of effective bio-active compounds”

Tanya, tell us a bit more about Nayelle and what “Probiotic Skincare” actually means.

As a company, our first priority was to research and find the best skincare ingredients. We found that goat milk kefir, sea kelp, glacial clay extract and snow mushroom offer exceptional value to the skin. These ingredients have been used through the centuries in many cultures and today, align with the superfood movement.

“The second step was to formulate them with the highest efficacy so we conditioned these superfood ingredients with probiotic technology which is a fermentation process. It’s through this process that a rich fusion of good-for-your-skin vitamins, minerals, amino acids, AHA’s, antioxidants, omega oils and a dozen other bioactive components are unleashed and made bioavailable to the skin’s cells and are easily absorbed.”

This easy absorption increases the efficacy of the skincare dramatically and is why probiotic skincare is increasing in popularity. It really works and we are confident that our products will give customers noticeable anti-aging results to maintain a youthful appearance.

“We believe in the philosophy that you are what you eat and the same principles apply to what you feed your skin.”

Your skin is your largest organ and what you put on it goes in it. Therefore, it was a top priority for us that Nayelle be all-natural, toxic and cruelty-free, and loaded with a rich fusion of goodness created from fermenting the superfood ingredients. This value-based criteria positions us as a power player in the Green Beauty movement. The movement towards natural skincare is steadily increasing as millennials are turning to products which are not only good for them, but also protect animals from unnecessary harm during the safety testing of skincare products.

If animal tests are a recognized concern, what is your take on using animal by-products such as goat’s milk?

This is in fact a sensitive issue. We use ingredients because they are safe to use and they deliver the benefits attributed to them. However, we do recognize that many people are following special diets both in their diets and in their beauty regiment. Nayelle launched its vegan line to cater to those ingredient-conscious customers who live by a fully plant-based diet. Our recent feature, the CLEANSE Facial Wash is one out of the three completely vegan products we currently have and we are very excited to show the rest of the line in a joint giveaway with Nourish Beauty Box!

I’ve read that you use sea kelp, glacial clay and snow mushroom extracts in your products. What are the benefits of applying them regularly?

We developed our proprietary probiotic formulations from sea kelp, snow mushroom and pure glacial clay. All of these ingredients have been carefully and sustainably sourced from the most pristine regions of the earth. Sea kelp is harvested from the North Atlantic Ocean.

“Using a special fermentation process, its rich bioavailable nutrients are concentrated and results in a unique fusion of vitamins, minerals, fats, antioxidants and other phytonutrients your skin desperately needs.”

Glacial clay is such a unique component. It is gathered on the shores of the Pacific Ocean on the Northern coast of British Columbia that is virtually untouched by the industry. Over thousands of years, these glacial clay deposits were washed and enriched by the sea with almost all the known elements.

“It is this natural mix of minerals that provides a healthy boost to cells and inter-cellular fluids, while removing impurities from the skin at the same time. It’s wonderful, you’ll see!”

Snow mushrooms have been used for over 4000 years as a skin treatment in Asia and we knew we wanted to infuse plenty of staple ingredients and their benefits into our products. Water extract of this mushroom is rich in polysaccharides, known to boost the strength of our immune systems. 

“It is an Eco-certified replacement for hyaluronic acid and is the highest source of Vitamin D known to mankind.”

“All these products are clinically tested and proven by an independent body to ensure the highest quality and result.”

Beyond looking after their skin, how do you give back to your community?

Nayelle donates to over ten Charities on an annual basis and hopes to do more as we grow. Our recent donation to Look Good Feel Better Mirror Ball Gala especially warmed our hearts. To help cancer survivors of all ages is definitely close to our hearts.

Nayelle Natural Probiotic Skincare is formulated for sensitive skins, a top concern for their customers and Nayelle is the perfect line to meet this demand. The probiotic process is the key reason this line is calming and soothing for irritated and problematic skins and this calming effect also comes through their CLEANSE Face Wash that leaves your skin spotless and smelling natural. Nayelle is the very first probiotic skincare brand made in Canada and we feel absolutely privileged to team up them with this January! When using the cleanser in the morning or at night you’ll really wash away the dirt and feel refreshed & renewed. It is just how we all want to feel especially in January when your list of new year’s resolutions just seems insurmountable. This’ll make you want to tick off a few boxes already!

CLEANSE Face Wash by Nayelle Natural Probiotic Skincare is in Nourish Beauty Box January 2019. Subscribe now to discover its natural benefits and more inside your vegan and cruelty-free beauty box. 

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