Nourish Nails – You Asked We Answered!

Nourish Nails – You Asked We Answered!

We get tons of questions every week about our water-based nail polishes, how and why we make them 10-free and what actually goes into these healthy lacquers. So much so that we’ve decided to compile them and make a public blog about them so we can answer the most popular questions about Nourish Nails. Let’s get to know each other!

Why is Nourish Nails so different from other nail polishes?

We created these nail polishes to help people make conscious choices and encourage change within the industry where harsh chemicals, nail-damaging ingredients and colorants derived from insects are commonly used.

Nourish Nails offers an alternative to these harmful polishes and presents water-based products that are free from alcohol, formaldehyde, toluene, DBP, gluten, lead, nitrocellulose, GMOs and animal-derived components.

We use environmentally friendly packaging wherever possible in order to try to reduce negative impacts on our eco-system, our water supply and ultimately our health and wellbeing.

To whom would you recommend using Nourish Nails and why?

If you’ve ever struggled with damaged, weak nails and cuticles, or feel nauseous from strong chemical fumes that are commonly released by other nail polishes, our water-based formulation will help to allow your nails to breathe naturally. The shades are highly pigmented so you only need one coat to really elevate your look. Two coats sealed in with a top coat will ensure that the formula stays on and is chip-free for up to 3 days.

Our goal is to demonstrate that vegan, cruelty-free nail polishes can be impactful, chip-free, clean and conscious at the same time. 

Can I really remove them without the use of acetone?

Yes you can! Unlike conventional, alcohol-based nail polishes, our formula is water-based which means that all you need to do to remove it is to hold your hands under lukewarm water and gently start peeling it off from one corner. On the other hand, if you would like a longer-lasting color, simply apply 2 coats, topping it off with a clear, quick-drying top coat in order to seal the shade in. 

We think this is a brilliant feature. It allows you to experiment with different colors, mix them to create a unique shade, apply them several times a day without damaging your nails and whenever you need a change, just hold your hands under lukewarm water to start the removal process.

Do you have any application tips?

For the best results, clean your nails, cut the ends and shape them in a way that you prefer. Apply Nourish Nails onto dry nails starting close to your cuticles and with a firm, single stroke, paint your nails to the ends and allow the brush to fall over the tip of your nails. You may apply a second and a third coat to attain a deeper shade of the polish. Since it does not contain alcohol, Nourish Nails may need a tad bit longer to dry than conventional nail polishes. We recommend allowing an extra 5-10 minutes for it to dry before touching anything with your your freshly coated nails.

Where can we browse the entire collection?

Nourish Nails are exclusive to Nourish Beauty Box. There are two ways to sample our collection. You may go to our E-shop to mix and match your favorite colors. We have also launched our mood enhancing nail polish sets for a fraction of their original price! Sets can also be ordered in our BYOB option which allows you to build and customize your own box. Don’t forget to subscribe to Nourish Beauty Box to discover new shades that are inspired by the month they are featured in. 

Are you going to have more Nourish products?

In a nutshell, yes. We work really hard each month to make our skin-friendly curation exciting, so it is possible you’ll see other Nourish products in our subscription service and E-shop. We would love to introduce more vegan color cosmetics such as eyeshadow palettes or blushes. Check our Instagram @nourishbeautybox often so that you’ll always be the first to know!

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