Natural skincare from the heart of Switzerland

Natural skincare from the heart of Switzerland

When one thinks of Swiss skincare, the one thing that certainly comes to mind is pure, luxurious quality. Herin Beauty’s Revitalizing Omega-3 Cream is no exception. From its easy-to-use packaging to its rich, creamy formulation chock-full of organic botanical oils and extracts, we knew we wanted to find out more about this new & uber-luxe skincare brand.

What does the word “HERIN” mean and how was this beautiful brand created?

The name “Herin” is derived from my surname’s initials and my daughter’s name. My daughter experienced skin issues during her early childhood years which inspired me to research into skincare products and wide-ranging organic and natural ingredients used around the world. My research has led me to collaborate with a Swiss partner who shares the same vision of developing luxury skincare products using the best formulation of natural and organic ingredients. I was initially planning to just provide the best skincare for my daughter but this idea has grown into a small, growing business with my Swiss partner to promote the “Herin” brand and its feminine “her-in” beauty.

So you are a relatively new brand. How do you differentiate HERIN from other skincare companies?

The brand mission is to advocate natural feminine beauty with each product we design.

“We do this by using natural, organic, vegan-friendly and cruelty-free ingredients to capture something truly unique and essential for your day to day care. Needless to say, we are extremely passionate and committed to this way of creating skincare.”

Our aim is to constantly evolve and innovate to produce the highest quality products possible. That is why all our items undergo rigorous research and our team simply loves testing out new formulations, natural scents, liaise with natural & organic ingredient suppliers to ensure we put out only the best for our skin-conscious customers.

Most skincare companies, from global brand leaders to local, generic brands cannot be classified as 100% natural or 100% organic, yet I constantly see these claims on their packaging. Our skin cream, including the Revitalizing Omega-3 Cream, contains 100% natural ingredients, 0% synthetic ingredients, and 95% certified organic ingredients complying with the highest industry standards and European regulatory certifications.

Looking at your pricing and the quality of products you create, Herin claims its seat in the luxurious category.

Our target is primarily women whose skin is more sensitive to chemicals and synthetics that are so common in drugstore brands and even in creams specifically created for problem skin. To stay true to our brand mission, Herin Beauty will not compromise by using cheap, artificial additives to substitute natural ingredients.

“Your skin absorbs most of the ingredients you are “feeding” to it and it can easily develop inflammation, rashes and breakouts once it overflows with harmful substances. Over time these molecules accumulate in the tissue and can lead to even bigger skin problems.”

Being natural and organic, however, brings with it a higher price tag, but you can be sure that you receive a product that delivers and truly cares for you and your skin.

Would you care to tell us how you source such high quality and natural ingredients?

Aside from the high quality production in Switzerland, our products contain pure mountain spring sourced water from the Switzerland reserves that are rich in essential minerals and nutrients. 

“Our products use 100% naturally grown ingredients from hand-picked herbs, fruits and vegetables sourced locally, and from abroad.”

We take pride in working with certified suppliers as the quality of the ingredients we receive is absolutely beyond what you’d find elsewhere.

What do you find most difficult to deal with?

Our business started last year so “putting the word out” and visibility remain a challenge as many customers are reluctant to try new products.

“That’s why subscription boxes like Nourish Beauty Box are presenting a great opportunity for us and we are hoping to meet new faces.” 

We try to spread the word through Instagram, attending trade shows and growing our retail and international Korean market through Rue De Can. So dear readers, please head to our Instagram and say hi, we’d love your support in forms of likes, comments and reposts.

How can potential customers test and try your products? Do you do any community outreach?

Sure, we presented at trade shows such as Indie Beauty Expo in NYC where we were nominated for 2018 IBE Best In Show category of “Best Facial Moisturizer”. Our products can be tested at the RDC (rue de can) store located at Riverside Mall in Hackensack, NJ and are also available on and on Amazon.

Herin Beauty is in our February 2019 Box. Subscribe now from only $29.95 and get nourished every month.

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