Lovesong Beauty - Innovating In The Sustainable, Clean Haircare Space

Lovesong Beauty - Innovating In The Sustainable, Clean Haircare Space

We’re super excited to be able to speak with Emily Bowman who with her innovative brand Lovesong Beauty, has managed to reinvent the way we look at dry shampoos and hair treatments. Here’s her story on how she came up with the idea for a cleaner, more nourishing way of handling our precious tresses :

Hi Emily, we’re so happy to have you join the Nourish Beauty Box family! Please let us know what inspired you to start your amazing brand.
Lovesong Beauty was established in 2020 and we started shipping our hair care collection in February, 2021. We are an independent, family-owned, female-founded company and members of 1% For The Planet. Our products are clean, natural, cruelty-free, vegan, non-GMO and crafted with wind energy. 

I worked in the natural foods industry for the last 15+ years as a sales executive leading national/natural food companies, but my real passion is clean beauty.

“The inspiration for Lovesong started many moons ago as offerings in the clean beauty space, especially as they relate to hair care, are often sparse and produced less than optimal results. Our desire to create lightweight, effective, botanical hair care products that are innovative in form and function was born from a personal desire to find products that were not currently available.”

Take Invisible Dry Shampoo Gel : This product is the first-ever dry shampoo gel plus scalp elixir, and provides key nutrients to the scalp and root for healthier hair from root to tips – with no powdery residue. 

Lovesong formulations read like luxury skincare, but for your hair! And every ingredient is meticulously selected for beauty and wellness benefits. Our name was inspired by music (a song from the late 80’s) – bravo if you can figure out the band!

As a haircare-focused brand, what makes you different from the other brands out there?
Our goal was to land on ingredient labels that include more ingredients that you can read and understand vs. otherwise. The active ingredients that we’ve selected are derived from nature, because everything we do is inspired by the beauty found in nature, which is exquisitely diverse, unique and collectively beautiful.

“Our hair care collection is crafted using wind energy, and our formulations are always free of sulfates, petroleum, phthalates, and synthetic fragrances.”

How do you reduce your environmental impact, which is an important issue here at Nourish Beauty Box?

All our products are bottled in glass, boxed with recycled paper, and we use eco-friendly shipping materials including cello tape, green wrap and tissue paper which are compostable and fully recyclable. 

“We selected an ISO Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) Certified manufacturing facility to ensure all aspects of production are of the highest quality, from sourcing to manufacturing, and all of our ingredients are paraben free, non-GMO, soy free, cruelty-free, and vegan.”

Our products are produced in small batches to ensure optimal freshness and potency, while we also conduct testing to ensure safety and stability.

We also believe that natural beauty should be easy on you and on the earth.

“As part of our commitment to the planet, Lovesong Beauty gives a percentage of every sale to a diverse network of causes within 1% For the Planet that supports the preservation and restoration of our environment.”

Did you face any challenges while running your business and what advice would you give beauty entrepreneurs who are starting out?
Talking about challenges while launching a new business, we’ve had a few (wink)! Our tips for new brands would include double checking all aspects of print, especially your labels! 

Another challenge is finding excellent packaging. We were 100% set on glass and finding a specialized pump without a spring (no metal). With COVID, all delivery dates were delayed and doing business with business partners was all virtual – definitely not a typical start-up environment. 

How important has social media been for your brand journey?
Social media provides us with a unique opportunity to communicate additional details about our products, like why we created them, what makes them special, how they are made, what ingredients we use and why, our brand ethos, our brand values, our brand mission, etc.

Having this platform to share our brand aesthetic and what drives our decisions has been wonderful, not to mention all the friends we have made along the way – from influencers, to fans, to founders. Social Media has truly been a community and wonderful launching pad for Lovesong!

Please follow us on Instagram, Facebook, Tiktok and Pinterest!

What can we look forward to from Lovesong Beauty in the near future?
Please check out the news section of our website as we post all the LOVE we get to this page. We’ve recently been featured in a couple of magazines and had amazing green beauty experts review our products on their blog.

Lovesong is currently developing new items! You can expect to see more hair care and possibly body care from us in the future, but our newest launches (Q4 2021) will be a shampoo + conditioner.  Like everything we do, these new launches will be focused on sustainability and include the finest botanical ingredients derived from nature. Our formulations are super-clean and help support your holistic wellness journey.

Find Lovesong Beauty’s Weightless Leave-In Conditioner in our November 2021 box!

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