Keeping Up With La Bloom Beauty’s Growth & Development

Keeping Up With La Bloom Beauty’s Growth & Development

We featured Diana Moebius and her beautiful brand, La Bloom Beauty in our July 2019 box and learnt so much about the brand’s humble beginnings and empowering business objectives. Today we’re thrilled to announce our second affiliation with La Bloom Beauty for March’s curation. Let’s catch up with Diana on her entrepreneurial journey and beauty line expansion thus far : 

It’s been a while since our last collaboration and we’re so happy to have you on board again! What’s been happening with yourself & your brand since then?

We are so happy to be featured in another one of your boxes! We have since launched a few more products and locked down a few more retailers. Being featured in more press is always exciting too! We’ve started to participate in a few local farmers markets, and being able to connect with customers face to face has been really rewarding.

Were there any new challenges that you had to face in order to grow your business?

There is constantly challenges, but that’s all a part of it. You are learning something new everyday because you don’t have the answers to everything.

“Being willing to be vulnerable and make mistakes and learn from them is something you always have to remember is important in your journey of growth of being a new business owner.”

We’ve had a couple labeling issues for example (None of us had any expertise in label production!) We are actually in the process of revamping the look!

How do you sustain growth in a crowded marketplace?

In this day and age of digital marketing it really feels like you could be lost at times. Making sure to stay on top of things on social media is something we really focus on. We’ve also found a little niche marketplace in bridal gifting as well. Our Rose Hand Scrub, Nail Oil Pen and Bloom Facial Mist are adorable little gifts to give to brides from venues or planners, or to bridal parties. We are constantly trying to come up with ideas as to who the customer is, not just the retail customer.

What’s been your proudest moment to date?

When we get a message or email from someone thats thanked us for making a product that helped them. For example our Lash & Brow Serum. We had quite a few messages from ladies whose eyelashes had fallen out after pregnancy or due to bad lash extensions. It’s really great when you get praise and thanks for helping someone get back on track with their beauty routine and making someone feel good about themselves again!

You can find La Bloom Beauty’s Hair Refresher in Nourish Beauty Box’s March 2020 box!


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