Inclusivity In the Clean Beauty Industry With Emanate Essentials

Inclusivity In the Clean Beauty Industry With Emanate Essentials

We had an exclusive chat with the founder of Emanate Essentials, Sha Hannah-Santo on how she started her brand from scratch, building it into one that eventually became well-known for clean, personalized formulations!

Hi Sha, thanks for taking some time off your busy schedule to speak to us about Emanate Essentials! We’d love to know how and why you started your own clean beauty brand?
Hello! My name is Sha Hannah-Santo and I’m the founder of Emanate Essentials, a small-batch, clean skincare brand in Boston, Massachusetts. Our products are botanically based and naturally aromatic. My work background is in health and wellness with over 10 years’ experience as a massage and aromatherapist. Additionally, I hold a certification in Botanical Body Product formulation. 

Emanate Essentials was born from a serious health scare. My oncologist recommended I reduce the use of skincare products with questionable ingredients. Also being a new mom at that time, I wanted to ensure the products my daughter used were clean.

“I found joy in creating simple, balanced skincare with ingredients which I didn't have to worry about. Once I began formulating personal care products for myself and family, the business grew pretty quickly!”

Tell us about your brand mission! Do you think you’re on track in achieving your vision for the company?
Our mission is to create clean, simple and effective products that also bring self-care to the forefront of your daily regimen. I believe we are on track to achieving our vision as long as we continue to be transparent and open to feedback. This gives us a deeper connection to the community we serve!

What differentiates Emanate Essentials from so many others within the industry?
As an aromatherapist, natural aromatics are infused in our line with the intention of being holistic, and at the very least pleasing to the senses! While many of our products are also unscented, aromatherapy is definitely a key component.

“We also provide consultation services, and high customization within our product range.”

Who is your target audience and why?
There is a lack of inclusivity in clean beauty and often only minimal effort from platforms, brands, and creators at best. 

“As a black owned skincare brand, a large part of our mission is to offer inclusive and accessible products. Self care is so needed within our community, and often times we do not see ourselves represented in the market.”

Our target market is most certainly a conscious consumer who seeks out inclusive and gender-free products that are as a whole, beneficial to all.

Are you selective about the ingredients you source?
We have a select few trusted wholesale accounts that offer verified natural and organic ingredients.

“I also use raw materials to infuse my own oils with herbs and botanical extracts. This takes significantly more time but I enjoy the crafting process very much!”

It’s an especially challenging time for many businesses right now. How has the Covid-19 pandemic affected you?
Being a new brand we have certainly struggled!

“Supply chain has been a challenge, especially with shortages and shipping issues during the COVID-19 pandemic.”

Sourcing the best raw materials we can afford and also balancing family life and a full time job while growing Emanate Essentials is especially challenging.

We’re thankful that we have a loyal social media following where we’re able to have an open line of communication with our customers and this has helped expand our reach. We have successfully forged some great relationships and been able to organically get new customers by showcasing our products. While we are primarily on Instagram, you can also find us on Facebook and recently Twitter.

We’re so excited to be showcasing your Cami Rose Exfoliating Grains in our September box! For those who aren’t familiar with your brand, we’d love it if you could describe this unique foaming exfoliator.

Cami Rose Exfoliating Grains is one of our most loved products! They were a custom creation that became so popular we decided to make it a permanent part of our product line.

“The Cami Rose in particular is made with rose clay, chamomile powder, rose essential oil and jojoba oil.”

The gentleness of the fine powders are perfect for cleansing the face without irritation. This gentle face scrub is best used 1-2 times a week, followed by a moisturizer.

We know you have a great connection with your local community. Please let us know how this shows up in your business!
What we call necessities are often actually considered to be a luxury to many in need. Last year I started Project Selfcare, an extension of our core mission to raise awareness about self-care needs for the underserved community.

“We have pledged 200 soap and personal care products to Rosie’s Place, a women's shelter here in Boston. In addition to this I often collaborate with other small women- / minority-owned businesses for limited edition collections.”

Please help support our limited edition products here

What victories have you recently celebrated since launching your brand?
I’m proud to say that Emanate Essentials was recently listed on as a Black Owned Beauty + Wellness Brands To Know! We are currently testing new products for the fall/winter season that will be listed on the website soon!

Find Emanate Essentials’ Cami Rose Exfoliating Grains in our September 2020 box!

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