How An Indie Brand Stands Out With The Power Of Ingredients

How An Indie Brand Stands Out With The Power Of Ingredients

There’s something different about this brand. Their approach to skincare is clean, minimal yet incredibly effective, with a genuine love for formulation craftsmanship. Wyldflower Labs emerged from the need for a 100% vegan, organic skincare line that actually performs.

We were curious as to why the brand founder & chief formulator Sam chose certain components such as their star ingredient, the Hawaiian Black Lava Sea Salt or Egyptian Geranium and Linden. As we watched their team work on the product, she divulges her idea of the perfect green formula :

You use a large number of extremely unique ingredients in your hair masque. What was your thought process behind this product?

“Unlike mass-produced skin or hair wellness products, we don’t randomly put ingredients in a base formula and expect a fully functioning product that’s both stable and effective.”

It takes planning, research and lots of testing in our in-house lab and third-party labs. Let’s start with the Hawaiian Black Lava Sea Salt which we source from a sustainable, small-batch supplier. It houses a cornucopia of salts and minerals such as sodium sulfates, bisulfates, iron and earth-bound minerals that give it the distinct black color and health benefits. 

“When applied topically these minerals enter the hair follicles to help accelerate its growth and strengthen its root and core to produce thicker hair as well as increase shine and luster.”

 Since salt is alkali it also helps to reduce dandruff formation.

Bentonite Clay serves as a medium, a carrier. It collects all the ingredients, holds them together nicely and perfectly envelops your hair and scalp to slowly release the formula’s phyto benefits into the body. It also softens hair and helps preserve its natural flexibility and shine.

We love that you’ve incorporated organic plant oils into this formulation. Are oils an integral part of formulating the Hawaiian Black Lava Salt masque?

I used Avocado, Safflower and Grape Seed oils to deliver fatty acids, vitamin E and important oleic acids to help penetrate the hair, keeping them moist and bouncy which helps prevent breakage. These oils are also fantastic for scalp health.

“These super oils create a soft surface that constantly nourishes the hair roots and help increase blood circulation which may result in thicker hair growth.”

In addition to that, I’ve chosen plant and vegetable extracts such as Cucumber, Lettuce, Rosemary and Sage to create a naturally perfumed concoction that not only smells great (as this is such an important component with haircare products), but is also excellent for dry and damaged hair.

 As you can see, everything comes together in a holistic yet high-performance blend which reflects what Wyldflower Labs is all about!

The Hawaiian Black Lava Sea Salt Hair Masque is available in our September 2019 box. Subscribe now to get this amazing hair treatment along with 3 other full-sized products! This product is also available individually via our e-shop.

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