Herbs + Oils Bath: Everything you need to know about this month’s favorite

Herbs + Oils Bath: Everything you need to know about this month’s favorite

There is a magical vibe; a certain sense of gratitude paired with inquisitive curiosity surrounding handmade beauty products. It is because they contain the very fabric of their creators : their skin care traditions, how they think about the body, the environment and their customers. 

“In every hand-applied label, in every hand-poured bottle, there is this unique, human element which makes these products so special.” 

Herbs + Oils Bath is a beautiful example of this “magical vibe” and they have us bewitched right from the start. Young business woman & co-founder, Ashley Dion, tells us the story of their vegan & cruelty-free brand and shares delicate details about what simple skin care should really be about.

We are always interested in how people get involved in creating their own skin care line. How did you start?

Hello Nourish Subscribers! I am Ashley Dion, one of the founders of Herbs + Oils Bath. My mother, the other founder, originally started this company years ago when I was in middle school, as a solution to skin allergies. All the way through high school I helped her in making products and selling them at farmers’ markets and small stores. When I started my first semester in college my mother came to me and asked if I would take over and create something that was newer and more relevant. I knew nothing about making beauty products as I was studying dance and working a part time job at the time. But I decided to quit my job and have passionately done this full time ever since with my mother.

So you jumped into this new role full force. How are you planning to stand out in this saturated skin care market?

“Our mission is to create a product line that stays as simple as possible.”

Because my mother has allergies, everything has to make it past her before we even think about making it a permanent part of the line. It’s very important that we keep those roots and reflect everything back to it. We keep it simple for those reasons but also because

“…skin care shouldn’t be difficult or time consuming. 
You should be able to do it even when you’re tired and want to collapse in bed.”

By holding to these that’s how we grow, one customer at a time. We target people who have a general interest in taking better care of themselves and their skin and individuals who have allergies or other skin issues. This group wants to know how to better their skin and want to understand how they can incorporate it into their daily lives. Skin isn’t just what you put on it, but has many other factors that we don’t even think about sometimes. We like to help people understand and also find some relief in an ever-growing industry with new trends coming up daily.

Your company name is very direct, straight-to-the-point.

Yes, the brand name is simple. It’s not “hip” or “catchy” per se, but when people read it they know what to expect from us. We like no frills, so we base our packaging, product names and design all off of the transparent look we want to portray to customers. Plus, my mom likes the name :)

Tell us a bit about how you pick and choose the ingredients. Why is it important for you to work with certified ingredients? 

The ingredients for our products come from two companies; these companies certify everything either organic, fair trade, kosher, vegan and/or cruelty free. Their consistency is also a huge inspiration for us. When the ingredients vary every time we order, it does not line up with our mission, and keeps our customers guessing why the product is different, which is something that just doesn’t work for us. These suppliers constantly deliver on their promises, which helps us keep ours.

“We like things that smell wonderful and are good for your skin and body.”

You talked about finding yourself in an unfamiliar environment when you started. Did the bumpy beginning have an effect on your company?

Finding your brand and market is a big one, which takes time and trial and error. The biggest one has to be growing up while running a business. Because I started so young, as I’ve grown up and experienced different things it has directly reflected on my business.

“While the basics have stayed the same, whilst I was learning about myself and having different life lessons, the company went through similar growing pains.”

This kept me going and when I look back on the years working, I feel like a parent seeing a child grow up and the sense of pride in how it’s grown. It was definitely worth it all!

So what would be the one advice you give to self-starter beauty entrepreneurs?

Make something that is unique, completely your own and that the products reflect.

“In an industry where more and more companies are popping up you need to stay true to your own identity and story.”

Don’t start something or make something just for the sake of making it. Stay consistent with your products and honest with your customers and don’t try and fit into the mold of the beauty industry. 

This June, Nourish Beauty Box features your amazing Repair Facial Toner, but where else can our subscribers get their hands on your complete portfolio?

We sell online: Amazon, our own site  and Etsy. We sell to small boutiques and craft shows. Craft shows are probably the best because you get to ask us as many questions as you want and play around with all the products. Also, we just redid our website! It’s up and brand spanking new, so please go over and visit.

“Free shipping over $75 and also 15% off when you sign up for our cool emails on our website.” 


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