From 5 Products To International Expansion – How Herbal Dynamics Beauty Is Making It Big

From 5 Products To International Expansion – How Herbal Dynamics Beauty Is Making It Big

We loved chatting with Herbal Dynamics Beauty’s passionate team and how their founder, Moe Kittaneh, grew his brand from a simple 5-product lineup to the thriving success it now is. Read the in-depth interview here!


We’ve heard so many great things about Herbal Dynamics Beauty and have always been curious about your background. Can you tell us how this brand came to be?
Herbal Dynamics Beauty was founded in 2017 in Scottsdale, Arizona with 5 key products and has been expanding rapidly online and into retail stores and boutiques. We harness the synergy of nature and science to deliver tangible results and real benefits. Our founder, Moe Kittaneh, has always been passionate about wellness and recognizes the importance of healthy ingredients both inside and out. Making natural, creative and effective personal care products accessible remains our guiding principle.

“The name Herbal Dynamics Beauty represents the fusion of botanicals with advanced actives to reveal beautiful skin.”

When you choose Herbal Dynamics Beauty you choose natural ingredients, science-based wellness and gentle but effective products designed to help you look and feel your best every day.

What is your core ethos and how does that give you a competitive edge in the clean beauty arena?
Our mission is to be the eminent indie beauty brand positioned to meet the full spectrum of consumer wellness needs.

“Our diverse, rapidly growing line pairs exciting botanicals like Prickly Pear, Green Tea, Mango and Rose alongside powerhouse ingredients like Hyaluronic Acid, peptides, and Vitamin C.”

Colorful products and enjoyable scents emanate from simple, streamlined packaging to place the focus squarely on the benefits and good things within.

From our bestselling Hyaluronic Acid & Oat Overnight Recovery Mask to our Rose Water Calming Face Toner, we offer uniquely curated products featuring natural ingredients designed to serve a purpose, with options for every skin type.

“This wide range allows us to surprise and delight a large audience and also to be competitive in a constantly growing market.”

What makes you stand out from your competitors?
We use the best of nature and science to deliver tangible results and real benefits and we hold true to this statement. All of our formulations are carefully curated as well as being free of additives like parabens, sulfates, and phthalates because we firmly believe that what you put on your body is of the utmost importance.

“Most importantly, we are able to develop a genuine connection with customers, emphasizing and maintaining a highly-engaged, grassroots e-commerce and social media following.”

Do you have a specific target audience?
Our target audience is women and men between the ages of 18-65 who embrace a healthy lifestyle and natural living.

“We are a masstige brand and want to reach as many people as possible to show them that combining the best in skincare science and nature can produce amazing benefits.”

We believe everyone should have access to healthy products.

How do you source the ingredients to formulate your highly engaging products?
We work closely with our manufacturers here in the US to ensure that the ingredients used in our products are high-quality and safe. Most of our colors and scents come from botanical extracts and avoid heavy chemicals and processing. Our Essentials™ collection, along with several of our other products, features a variety of organic ingredients.

Even though you’re a fairly established business, what challenges do you still encounter and how are you able to overcome them?
We are now working to break through to a larger audience and to be seen on a greater scale in the US as well as internationally. Expansion on this scale does come with some challenges, but it’s been an exciting learning experience to introduce our products to new audiences and also to see such a positive response.

Fortunately, we’ve had a fairly smooth journey, and we’re blessed to have a large following on social media and in the online community to spread the word about our products.

To what degree is Social Media important in the daily operations of your brand?
Social media is of great importance to us! We thrive on Instagram and it is a large selling point for us.

“We are able to showcase our products with photos of textures, colors and uses of each product."

We love interacting with our skincare community through photos and information that we share on our Instagram. You can also find us on Facebook and Snapchat.

We’re so excited to be featuring your RevitAge™ Antioxidant Transforming Night Cream in our December box! Can you please tell our audience a little more about this wonderful concoction?
We are very excited to include this product in the box because a night time routine is essential to having great skin! This night cream will have you waking up feeling radiant and refreshed.

“Like most of our products the cream is infused with powerful antioxidants to minimize stubborn fine lines and brighten skin.”

Vitamin-rich botanical extracts such as Green Tea, Chamomile, Watermelon and Apple target these concerns while Sweet Orange essential oil offers a pleasant, uplifting aroma. We love this product layered with our Hyaluronic Acid or Vitamin C Serum for extra anti-aging benefits! Perfect for any nighttime regime.

Other than at Nourish Beauty Box, where else are your products available at?
You can learn more about us here or on Instagram. You can also check us out at Macy’s (online), Kohl’s (online and in select stores) and internationally at FeelUnique as well as Douglas Cosmetics (online and in select stores).

What press mentions have you had lately? We love to end our interviews on a high note!
Herbal Dynamics Beauty has been mentioned in Daily Mail, Total Beauty, Harper’s Bazaar, The Spa Insider and many more! New customers can use code NEW2020 for 20% off their first purchase on our site. We were also voted Best Skincare 2020 by Best of the Valley in Arizona Foothills and our Rose Water Calming Face Toner recently won Best Toner for Think Dirty Choice Award 2019.

We value our customers’ feedback and will continue working hard to make the best products for YOU! We have many exciting surprises coming in 2021, so stay tuned!

Find Herbal Dynamics Beauty’s RevitAge™ Antioxidant Transforming Night Cream in our December 2020 box!

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