Discover The Untold Story Of Natural Skincare Brand Flora & Fauna

Discover The Untold Story Of Natural Skincare Brand Flora & Fauna

It was such a pleasure being able to interview Sierra, the founder of Flora and Fauna, a skincare brand that is not only ingredient-conscious but incorporates integrity into their entire process of developing supreme quality, sustainable skincare products. Learn about her inspiring journey and the challenges she faced getting the brand to where it is today!

How did the name Flora & Fauna come about?

Flora & Fauna gets its namesake from two Roman Goddesses. Flora (the goddess of flowers, spring and youth) and Fauna (the nurturing goddess of wildlife, fertility, and animals). 

What inspired you to start this beauty line?

Since 2015, I started creating beauty products for other companies when I got my first job as a Product Development Manager in New York. My passion for skincare and beauty was blooming and eventually, I became a product junkie spending hundreds on new products every month!

Learning how to make beauty products was evidently the next step for me. As a curious and devoted person, I took on several jobs where I was responsible for developing beauty, aromatherapy, hair and other personal care products. After acquiring sufficient knowledge and skills to develop my own products and brand, Flora & Fauna was born.

In which aspect does Flora & Fauna make itself distinctive from its competitors?

We take our commitments seriously. This brand prides itself in offering vegan and cruelty free products which are Leaping Bunny approved.

“After the surprising discovery of how many beauty formulas and components are imported from overseas, we’re grateful to work closely with a family owned manufacturer right here in the USA! That way, we can ensure products are made with premium quality — deprived of harsh chemicals, parabens, mineral oils, sulfates and synthetic colors.”

What obstacles did you face throughout your journey as a beauty entrepreneur? And what advice would you give to other emerging ones?

I was my own investor. Considering that fact that I had student loans from both undergraduate and graduate school, it was a huge undertaking.

“Hindsight is 20/20. If I had spent more time planning a more solidified business plan and created an investor deck from the beginning, I could have alleviated a huge financial burden by potentially raising funds.”

The financial stress is what consumes, burns out and destroys a lot of entrepreneurs, so it’s important to be real about your anticipated expenses and create a realistic plan in terms of growth.

We’d love to know more about Flora & Fauna. Do you mind sharing your brand’s mission?

The name embodies the brand’s values. One, the dedication to infusing products with botanical and natural ingredients. Two, the conviction that no animals are harmed in the process. However, the underlying mission is to invoke radical self-acceptance.

I believe our body and skin are reflections of our lifestyles. Therefore, a good skincare regimen starts off with the right attitude. 

“Our products are just a supplement but true beauty starts from within that mirrors on the outside.”

As an independent brand with limited resources, what do you think is your ultimate branding strategy?

Social media - It is huge for us!

Flora & Fauna’s Instagram focuses on sharing positive, encouraging messages that promotes self-acceptance in our community.

“We believe whatever people zealously focus on and invest in grows. Altering our mindset is a fundamental prerequisite of changing our appearance!”

On our social media platforms, we advocate robustly in nourishing bodies with good lifestyle and healthy habits as well as nurturing souls with meditation and positive affirmations. Check us on Twitter and Facebook too!

Being an empowered female founder, do you think it’s important to give back to women-centric organizations?

Flora & Fauna came to life as a labor of love from a collaborative group of entrepreneurial women who uplift and empower each other. Progressively, we donate products to mainly women- and vegan-centric organizations as our objective is to build self-esteem amongst women and awareness revolving animal cruelty.

I would eventually love to start giving back by reinvesting business profits into junior achievement programs in 2020.

Baby Face Age Defying Serum is featured our February 2020 box, can you let us know why you developed it?

The Baby Face Age Defying Serum is a part of my own simple two step skincare routine!

“Before this, I was that someone who layered product after product on my face due to their own respective functionality. That motivated me to concoct this all-in-one product that transformed my skincare routine!”

The formula is light and silky, yet combines a dozen restorative natural ingredients like Aloe Leaf Juice, Vitamin E, Organic Blue Green Algae, and Organic Neem Seed Oil — containing ample antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. My skin immediately looks healthier and hydrated after application!

Apart from Nourish Beauty Box, where else can consumers find your products online?

We have a few of our products available on Amazon. However, full-range products are available on our website.

Do you have any exciting news that you’d like to share exclusively with our readers?

“You are the first to know about us transitioning into formulating CBD-focused products in the upcoming year!”

Personally, I have attained many experience developing products in the regulated cannabis industry in California the last few years.

This appears to me as a unique opportunity to merge both of my passions — infusing cannabis as herbal remedy into beauty product formulations. Initially, I had conundrums elevating Flora & Fauna onto higher ground. When this idea came up, it naturally seemed like the best route forward!

Don’t forget that Baby Face Age Defying Serum is featured our February 2020 box. Click here to learn how to subscribe!

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