Calibrated Skin And Transparency In Ingredient Sourcing

Calibrated Skin And Transparency In Ingredient Sourcing

We have the pleasure of speaking with Thelma, the founder of Calibrated Skin, who is looking to make a difference in the way botanical ingredients are sourced and to ensure better transparency in the crafted skincare world. Read on to find out more about her brand’s journey!

Welcome to Nourish Beauty Box! Please introduce yourself and let us know how your brand came about!

My name is Thelma Perry and I began formulating skincare products in 2019 and began sharing them with the world in November 2020. The name Calibrated Skin stems from the meaning of the word “calibrated”. To calibrate something is to make small changes until it reaches its potential, the goal is that Calibrated Skin products can be that small change in your skincare routine that allows your skin to reach its full potential.

“In addition to owning my own small business I also work in Social Services. While I enjoy my job, I knew I wanted more, I wanted a career in something that I loved. I began formulating my own skincare for personal use and fell in love with the process of formulating, the science behind ingredients, and the creative freedom I have with it.”

Currently this is an individual project but I may someday include family, or have employees.

What makes your brand stand out from an already crowded marketplace?

Calibrated Skin is cruelty-free and we use natural, skin-loving ingredients. Although a large majority of our products are vegan, we are currently not 100% vegan. We pride ourselves on using high-performance botanicals, hydrosols, plant oils, etc… and we research the origin of each of our ingredients.

“Anyone can go online and purchase ingredients, but majority of the time there is no information on where the ingredients were sourced, how they were sourced, and how pure they are. We have spent many hours vetting ingredient suppliers and have found some incredible, ethically sourced vendors that track down to the crop number of where a plant oil comes from.”

Whenever possible, we try to source our ingredients from local farms or suppliers in the Pacific NorthWest, as we are based in Washington State. We are also working toward obtaining a certificate in Cosmetic Science.

What has been your largest hurdle(s) to date in the course of running your own business?

The two obstacles that have been the toughest for me have been time and finance. Working a full-time job 40 hours per week in addition to trying to grow my small business has made it very tough.

“I have spent countless nights working on orders, getting only 2-3 hours of sleep and then doing it all over the next day. At times this is challenging and I have wanted to give up, but this is my dream and I will one day be able to look back and say it was all worth it.”

Without my “regular” job I could not afford to grow this business, and I currently do not have the capital to expand. I often spend time applying for Small Business Grants and hope that I will receive that opportunity soon. If and when I get the grant, my goal is to open a warehouse and hire a few employees!

Who inspired you the most in getting your brand started?

It may sound cliche to name a Youtuber as someone who inspired me, but Casey Holmes Marlar has played a significant role in how I started my brand. I have watched Casey on Youtube since I was in high school and I have seen her grow, start her own business, get married, and start a family. Watching her take the leap to start a business back in 2018 and seeing the grit and drive she had through it all was very inspiring.

“I tossed around the idea of starting Calibrated Skin for almost a full year before I actually did it.”

It was a Q&A that Casey did on Instagram giving advice to someone who wanted to start their own business that made me decide to take the leap. I knew it wouldn’t be overnight and that it would take a lot of hard work and dedication but seeing someone else go through it made me confident that I could do it!

Do you support any charities or movements?

We had several promotions where a percentage of our profit has gone to different charities / groups. In October we released a Pride body scrub and donated proceeds to The Trevor Project, which is a suicide prevention hotline for the LGBTQ community. We also created a Breast Cancer Box and donated proceeds to BCRF (Breast Cancer Research Foundation). We have also donated locally to Rod’s House Yakima (for homeless youths) and Camp HOPE Yakima (a homeless camp).

“Supporting charities and causes is incredibly important to me. When I was 15 we lost our home to a house fire and a local family (DeFrancesco’s of Firebaugh, CA) donated so much to us so that we could have clothes, tooth brush, etc…and as I have grown up I carry my gratitude for that time and want to pass that on.”

My ultimate goal is to create a foundation once I have enough capital, and to be able to give out scholarships each year and donate to causes that are dear to me. My second goal is to be able to offer employment opportunities to my community and enforce fair wages and diversity within the workplace.

What exciting things do you have planned in the future?

Some exciting things are currently happening at Calibrated Skin!. We have been able to source our products to a vendor in Canada and are working on the permits to sell in Europe! I am excited to see where we’re able to go and can’t wait to make a difference in people’s lives!

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