A Focus On Product Potency & Price Points - Introducing Wyldflower Labs

A Focus On Product Potency & Price Points - Introducing Wyldflower Labs

Our newest edition to the family of brands is Wyldflower Labs. This small-batch company handcrafts skin and body care products from scratch using natural, organic and earth-activated ingredients. We’re beyond thrilled they’ve decided to feature their incredible Lip Mask with us this month as we’ve tested it for over a month now and simply love it!

Before we wax lyrical about this product, let’s talk a bit about the brand! We hopped on a call with their founder and formulator Anna from California and asked her how she started this brand and how they plan on growing it :

How did Wyldflower Labs start?

I’ve been working in the skincare and cosmetics industry now for 13 years, making products for many different brands behind-the-scenes.

“What I find difficult to reconcile is the often exhorbitant price tags placed on many products within the natural, organic movement. My passion for Wyldflower Labs came from the need to create effective, performance-focused organic skincare that is also accessible & affordable.”

I’m committed to ensuring all our ingredients are from a botanical source, with no petroleum-derived components, and ensure that every product I formulate contains no fillers, only plant-based oils so it is as potent and efficacious as possible for your skin.

“Caring for your skin shouldn’t be a privilege for the few - it should be universal and that is what we aim to teach to our customers.”


Do you work alone or in a team?

I have a really small but committed team with me, and we each wear many, many, MANY hats on a daily basis! We currently focus a lot of our energies into creating new, breakthrough products and unfortunately, this has left us with little time to develop our social media and online presence in general. But we are working on it!

Are there any other struggles beside IT issues that you have had to face as a beauty entrepreneur?

So many! The IT hiccup is just the latest addition to the list of things we as a team have had to face. I could mention our financial issues : We wanted to make sure we didn’t compromise on quality but still wanted to keep retail prices as accessible as possible. The mark-ups that this industry has on skincare is immense and that was a culture that I didn’t want to perpetuate.

“We had to make a little investment at the start so most of the production, even the creation of the raw materials, such as our flower hydrosols and infusions had to be brought in-house to make our production process more cost-effective as well as to ensure the integrity of each ingredient.”

I don’t think any one of us has had a social life for a long time! Once you lay down the foundations though, and create a proper workflow, things get much better and easier. You just have to get there first and that is often a struggle.

As far as I know, currently you are only selling your products via our Nourish E-shop. Where else can our customers meet and test your products?

Our website is going to be ready very soon so we’re looking forward to welcoming everyone to our little online heaven! I think it’d be too early to think about other retail options but that is certainly among our foremost plans for the future.

Nourish Beauty Box has been a great venue for us to introduce our products as they share the same ingredient-conscious ethos as us. We love getting feedback from a customer base that is so focused in high-performing, vegan and organic products.”

We have been looking for a platform like this for some time and we’re so happy to be able to do this with you, to showcase our journey with your subscribers! We will introduce one product per month until the end of this year. This is an exciting time for us and we’re really looking forward to sharing this experience with you all!

Lip Mask by Wyldflower Labs is now available via our E-shop and in our April 2019 box. Subscribe HERE to receive a minimum of four natural, vegan and cruelty-free beauty items each month!

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