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Raw Shea Butter Balm in “Orange & Clove”

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Raw Shea Butter Balm in “Orange & Clove”

Heal, moisturize and smell incredible with Raw Shea Butter Balm infused with the Essential Oil Blend of your choice.

+For all skin types, non greasy. Ultimate in healing and hydrating+

To Use: emulsify some into fingertips and spread into desired area

*Raw African Shea Butter comes from the Shea Nut Trees in Ghana. It contains a high amount of fatty acids and has a higher nonsaponifiable fraction making it superior and more healing than cocoa butter and other oils and butters. Shea butter is used to keep skin healthy, young, softer, protected from wind, cold and sun and helps heal wounds. It is also non comedogenic so it will not clog your pores! The Shea Nut Trees are also called karite trees, which means The Tree of Life.

Here are some things to use Shea Butter for:
1) treat dry skin, eczema and minor burns,
2) extra sun protection due to high contents of vitamin E and F (makes skin look amazing at the beach too)
3) treats dark spots, stretch marks and wrinkles
4) great for massages and diaper rash (with no essential oil)
5) a night time treatment mask/moisturizer
6) Vitamin A for cell renewal and tissue regeneration