October 2018 box - Nourish Beauty Box

October 2018 box


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October brings the first chills of fall and with it bright sunlight that feels but a distant shadow of the summer long gone. Your skin needs all the help to stay nourished and hydrated to guard you against pollutants that find an easy access through the dry and chapped tissue. This month we put together a set that will help you prep for the winter to come.

The Clementine + Nectar by Seraphine Botanicals nourishing and rejuvenating face and body oil is your perfect skin guard. It delivers vitamins, and nutrients deep under tissue to strengthen your skin’s protective barrier against the harsh weather. Among others, it is made with Carrot and Apricot oils that absorb quickly to your skin and leaving it smooth and smelling fresh.

Peony Cosmetics presents a surprise item that goes perfectly well with their previous Wonder Bloom feature to create the “Frozen” look. Chameleon Powder Pigment in “Tales Are True” is a great addition to any vegan makeup set that is missing the blinding glow and glam from its repertoire.

Plants Matter is a 100% natural, home-grown beauty business that prides itself on creating handmade and herbal-infused goodies from organic sources. Plant Butter is made with exotic ingredients like Turmeric and Reishi Mushroom that deliver vitamin D and help reduce scarring & discoloration of the skin caused by acne.

Nourish Nails gives you the “Morning Bliss” Water-Based Nail Polish that imparts a shining, deep, evergreen shade. It is one of our favorite wintery colors as it represents virtue and strength of character to us and puts us into a festive mood.

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