March 2019 box - Nourish Beauty Box

March 2019 box


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This March we are focused on serving you the best “me time” products. These effective colors and ingredients take tender care of your skin and improve your overall wellbeing. Our unique selection of products has transformative, skin-conditioning actives that soothe, balance and cleanse. 

We are super excited that Seraphine Botanicals has decided to debut its brand new product, Camelina + Strobe in our March 2019 box. This vegan luminizing primer has been touted by NYLON as one of the best primers launched this year. It includes rose hydrosol and camelina seed oil and excludes all the nasty ingredients that most primers have such as mineral oils, parabens and gluten.

Wyldflower Labs presents an interesting Exfoliating Foot Salve. This cream-gel hybrid is ultra-light and soft with odor-combating ingredients. Apply it to your feet and let the AHA fruit acids help smooth rough areas of skin. It works wonders on dry and broken heels too! 

PAAVANI Ayurveda draws its power and wisdom from ancient medicinal practices that focus on creating balance by renewing and recharging your energies. Having only natural, earth-harvested and organic ingredients, this Tridoshic Harmonizing Aromatherapy Spritzer will help create the ideal equilibrium needed for the harmony of your body and mind. 

Nourish Naturals Glance Eyeshadow Duo enhances your eyes with beautiful, earthly colors that conjure up the shades of Mediterranean olive fields. It gives you two pigmented eyeshadow hues which are perfect for everyday wear.

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Seraphine Botanicals - Camelina + Strobe (full size, $18.00)
Wyldflower Labs - Exfoliating Foot Salve (full size, $12.99)
PAAVANI Ayurveda - Tridoshic Harmonizing Aromatherapy Spritzer (full size, $20.00)
Nourish Naturals - Glance Eyeshadow Duo (full size, $12.50)

Box Value : $63.49

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