July 2019 box - Nourish Beauty Box

July 2019 box


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They say that July is probably the hottest month of the year and we have to agree so far. We’ve hand-picked products that will clean, reinvigorate and encourage your skin and yourself to be better despite the scorching climate! Nourishing oils, soft gels and a healthy, shimmery lip glow are all you need to stay on top of things.

Nourish Naturals Safflower Shimmer in “Pagoda” is part of our own natural and plant-infused makeup line that gives more than just a gorgeous glow to your lips. Created with Jojoba, Sunflower, Castor and Safflower oils to nourish and protect your skin from environmental stressors. The added Cocoa Butter and Vitamin E really penetrate skin’s deeper tissue to feed your skin with amino acids and minerals resulting in a youthful and smooth appearance. 

Cherry Rose + Nectar by Seraphine Botanicals is a synergistic blend of highly potent and fast-absorbing seed, root and flower oils that quickly penetrates the lower skin tissue to release a cocktail of vitamins, carotenoids, micronutrients and essential fatty acids. These ingredients such as Arnica, Raspberry, Linseed and Rose Geranium help to increase skin’s immunity and protect from moisture loss. The concoction is further treated with fragrant Mandarin Peel oil that gently scents the skin and serves as an anti-bacterial agent.

The next addition to your July curation is the gorgeous Pink Tea Tree Gel by Wyldflower Labs. This natural product is 100% hand-crafted, made in a small lab by skincare enthusiasts who make their own oils and plant extracts from scratch. This vegan gel is an excellent anti-blemish treatment that helps regulate oily skin and reduce acne-causing bacteria whilst creating a clearer and brighter skin with regular use.

La Bloom is a small batch company with big plans. They present their magical vegan Lash & Brow Serum that helps restore the delicate follicles of your eye lashes, giving them a boostof vitamins and mineralsto helprejuvenate, restore and improve their condition. Made with Lavender essential oil, Coconut and Argan oils to help improve blood circulation at the roots and nourish the lashes from root to tip.

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    1. Nourish Naturals - Safflower Shimmer in “Pagoda” ($16.00)
    2. Seraphine Botanicals - Cherry Rose + Nectar ($54.00)
    3. Wyldflower Labs - Pink Tea Tree Gel ($11.99)
    4. La Bloom - Lash & Brow Serum ($20.00)

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