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February 2021 box

February 2021 box

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This is the month of love, and it serves as an important reminder to nourish and give back to ourselves and our loved ones. Pamper your skin with a medley of organic skincare that harnesses the power of mother nature to gently restore, revive and rejuvenate your complexion, soul and spirit.

Nourish Naturals' Lucid Glow in "Nearly Nude" is a luminizing lip treatment made with pearlescent micro shimmers in a nourishing vegan base of Sunflower, Apricot, Avocado and Jojoba oils to impart a healthy tinted gleam to lips.

Peony Cosmetics' Magnesium Oil is a natural Magnesium & Rose Water-based solution to help ease anxiety, encourage a more restful sleep as well as promote smoother skin by restoring the magnesium levels in your body.

Klei Beauty's Cleanse Foaming Face Wash is made with Coconut Milk, Rice Bran and Chamomile in a French Rose Clay base to gently cleanse without stripping your skin of moisture.

La Bloom Beauty's Hair Refresher easily absorbs oil, is made aerosol-free and perfect to use in between washes, leaving hair bouncy and shiny. 

Niu Body's Glow Luminizing Facial Serum is a unique blend of Camellia Seed Oil, Jojoba Oil, Bergamot Essential Oil and Vitamin E that will leave your skin radiant and bright.

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  1. Nourish Naturals - Lucid Glow in "Nearly Nude" ($16)
  2. Peony Cosmetics - Magnesium Oil ($14)
  3. Klei Beauty - Cleanse Foaming Face Wash ($12)
  4. La Bloom Beauty - Hair Refresher ($19)
  5. Glow Luminizing Facial Serum - Niu Body ($30)

      Box Value : $91

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