February 2019 box - Nourish Beauty Box

February 2019 box


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Refresh your beauty regimen in the new year with classically earthy colors destined to create an elegant and natural look. Feed your skin with essential amino acids and vitamins, relax and reflect. Your February box will help you do just that!

We’re debuting Nourish Naturals, a compact duo bronzer made with high-grade mica that dusts your skin with a smooth, sunkissed finish. “Eden” offers two earthy shades which are able to give your complexion a natural-looking bronzing effect. Alternatively, use it as a contour color to create definition and a popping jaw line.

Seraphine Botanicals’ Papaya + Balsam in “Pure Papaya” is a subtle lip and cheek tint that glides on smoothly without being sticky or greasy on the skin. A perfect everyday companion suitable to be worn either in the office or within a casual setting. Infused with Coconut Oil and Papaya fruit extract for a little extra hydration.

Our unique partnership with Wyldflower Labs will allow you to experience premium quality, handmade skin and body care before their official launch. We are excited to present their After Poo Drops. With a powerful alpine-fresh scent, it helps to eliminate nasty smells in your bathroom. Just a few drops into your toilet, sink or bathtub will create a pleasant, cleansed and purified environment.

Herin Beauty from the heart of Switzerland launches its products in the US and we are so honored to feature their Revitalizing Omega-3 Cream. This luscious formula is made with 100% natural ingredients and delivers a sensational skin-renewing effect. We saw the results of firmer skin with a youthful glow only after 4 days and the cream smells uniquely herbaceous with a sweet base note…You’re going to love it! 

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Nourish Naturals – Eden Bronzer Duo (full size, $12.99)
Seraphine Botanicals – Papaya + Balsam in “Pure Papaya” (full size, $12.00)
Wyldflower Labs – After Poo Drops (full size, $12.99)
Herin Beauty – Revitalizing Omega-3 Cream (full size, $69.00) 

Box Value : $106.98

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