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Tridoshic Harmonizing Aromatherapy Spritzer

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Comprised of an even balance between all three doshas, the Tridoshic mind is generally even-tempered. Use this botanical blend to bring bliss & harmony to your entire being.

Suitable for dry and normal skin types. 

To harmonize : Shake. Spritz liberally on face & body. Inhale deeply. Exhale deeply. Enjoy the cooling experience. For external use only. 

Note : This product contains essential oils.

INGREDIENTS / INGRÉDIENTS : water (aqua), lavandula angustifolia (lavender) oil**, pelargonium graveolens (geranium) oil**, citrus sinensis (wild orange) oil**, cedrus atlantica (cedar atlas) oil*

*Certified organic ingredients

**Certified pure therapeutic grade


Lavender Oil : Has the ability to calm nerves and foster relaxation. It also helps treat acne-prone skin by soothing the irritated surface and pulling your pores tighter.

Geranium Oil : This oil is known to alleviate anxiety due to its unique, sweet-smelling components. Beyond its therapeutic effects, it also helps fight acne-causing bacteria and reduce the redness of your skin.

Wild Orange Oil : A potent mood-enhancing oil that helps freshen the air and when applied directly onto skin, it promotes a healthy, pure and glowing look.

Cedar Atlas Oil : A natural deodorizer and a powerful anti-inflammatory agent when applied topically.

Poids Net Wt. 118 mL / 4 fl. oz.