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January 2021 box

January 2021 box

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Learn more about the business and personal journey of our featured brand this month!

Start 2021 on a magnificent note with wholesome products consisting of revitalizing, botanically infused skincare and soul soothing aromatherapy! We have curated a wonderful selection of products powered by nutrient-loaded plant oils, traditional herbs and earth-derived minerals.

Seraphine Botanicals’ Palmetto + Pillow is a smooth, long-wearing matte lip stain that’s formulated with Sunflower & Baobab seed oils so lips remain hydrated, soft and pillowy.

Midnight Paloma's Charcoal + Rose Detox Mask detoxifies and instantly clears breakouts. Kaolin clay absorbs toxins and exfoliates while charcoal deeply cleans the skin to naturally remove impurities.

Lilly Be's Be Refreshed Perfume Oil is a Caribbean blend that enhances relaxation and happiness. The aroma transports the wearer to a calm, tropical vacation atmosphere.

Wild Magic's Earth Mist is formulated with ginseng which helps revitalize the skin and protect it from environmental factors and aggressors. This toner deeply soothes and hydrates with green tea, rose water, aloe, and calendula for bright and balanced skin.

For detailed product descriptions, please click on the individual items below :

  1. Seraphine Botanicals - Palmetto + Pillow in "Maple" ($18)
  2. Midnight Paloma - Charcoal + Rose Detox Mask ($29)
  3. Lilly Be - Be Refreshed Perfume Oil ($20)
  4. Wild Magic Beauty - Earth Mist - Ginseng + Green Tea Facial Toner ($15)

      Box Value : $82