September 2018 box - Nourish Beauty Box

September 2018 box


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Our pre-fall collection contains a variety of skin nourishing, green beauty products that not only deliver on their promises but they do so using natural, talk and paraben-free ingredients.

Seraphine Botanicals present a beautiful lip and cheek cream, Cherry Butter. This 91% natural goodness is able grant you with a subtle tint with a sheer finish without the greasiness.

Peony Cosmetics offers a gorgeously scented, Natural Deodorant that is full of essential oils and aromas such as Aloe Vera juice, Lavender and Orange peel oils that not only mask body odors but they work in unison to keep sweating and bacteria formation at bay.

Our latest addition to vegan and cruelty-free products come from a small batch brand called Pickle’s Potion. The Vegan Lash & Brow serum is the perfect concoction to stimulate hair growth, increase volume and provide vital nutrients to the lash follicles so they appear healthy and bouncy.

The award winning Z Skin Cosmetics presents a 100% organic Coffee Face Scrub that is perfect to reduce dark spots while it helps tighten skin and remove dirt and grime from your complexion. Plus, it leaves a beautiful smell behind.

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