July 2018 Box - Nourish Beauty Box

July 2018 Box

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Experience color & skincare inspired by nature with our July Nourish Beauty Box. Let the floral essences and hues of the seaside take you to an unforgettable, skin-enhancing journey.

Seraphine Botanicals is introducing their high-grade face serum, Blue Chamomile + Nectar made with Blue Chamomile and Rose Geranium. This beautifully smelling concoction really cares for your complexion, making it feel soft,smooth & thoroughly hydrated. For best results we recommend using it daily after cleansing on slightly damp skin.

Wonder Bloom in “Blue Hyacinth” by Peony is perfect to create a charismatic eye look that radiates confidence and expresses your free spirit. Its unique 100% vegan formula is so soft, almost creamy which makes it easy to apply even with your ring finger.

Take a deep breath and inhale the sweet vanilla scent emanating from this gorgeous Sugar Body Buffer by CRUSHCOSMETICS. The product arrives solid but melts so easily between your palms. Use a little spoon to scoop out the product or just gently rub your fingertips onto the mango butter-based goodie and transfer it onto your skin with a circular motion to give your skin moisture, glow and remove surface pollutants. Rinse it with warm water.

Nourish Nails is giving you beach realness with its deep ocean blue nail polish “Choose Joy”. Project wisdom, inner strength and infinite holiday vibes and when you need a change, just dip it in water and peel it. It’s that easy!

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