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January 2021 box

January 2021 box

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Start 2021 on a magnificent note with wholesome products consisting of revitalizing, botanically infused skincare and soul soothing aromatherapy! We have curated a wonderful selection of products powered by nutrient-loaded plant oils, traditional herbs and earth-derived minerals.

Seraphine Botanicals’ Palmetto + Pillow is a smooth, long-wearing matte lip stain that’s formulated with Sunflower & Baobab seed oils so lips remain hydrated, soft and pillowy.

Dia Naturals' Organic Orange-Aloe Face & Body Mud Mask is made with Indian Fuller’s Earth, Aloe Vera, Orange Peel and Rose Petal powders to nourish, tone & deep-cleanse your skin.

Nourish Naturals' Eden Bronzer Duo has a smooth and almost creamy feel that allows you to imbue a sun-kissed, beautifully bronzed effect onto your cheeks. 

Wyldflower Labs' Lemon & Carrot Facial Cleansing Oil combines antioxidant-rich plant oils, Vitamin B5 and a PEG-free emulsifier for a soothing, soap-free cleansing gel that effectively removes dirt and stubborn makeup while leaving behind an uplifting citrus scent.

Seraphine Botanicals' Pink Salt + Apricot is a luxurious pink salt hair mist formulated with Apricot, Beetroot and Tangerine to gently hydrate & revive broken tresses and leave it smelling heavenly.

For detailed product descriptions, please click on the individual items below :

  1. Seraphine Botanicals - Palmetto + Pillow in "Maple" ($18)
  2. Dia Naturals - Organic Orange-Aloe Face & Body Mud Mask ($15)
  3. Nourish Naturals - Eden Bronzer Duo ($12.50)
  4. Wyldflower Labs - Lemon & Carrot Facial Cleansing Oil ($25)
  5. Seraphine Botanicals - Pink Salt + Apricot ($22)

      Box Value : $92.50