How It's Made : Earth + Charcoal Purifying Clay Mask

Clean, Green, Seraphine

Meet Seraphine Botanicals, the natural color and skincare superbrand from sunny LA! They have been supplying us skin-loving, botanically-enhanced wonders since the very beginning and we share them with love and confidence with our ingredient-conscious subscribers. What you get is what you would expect from a company that has dedicated its entire journey to creating high-performance products as naturally as possible: nutrient-rich, vegan & cruelty-free formulations.

Crafted From Earth's Best

We gained VIP access into their lab while they were preparing their next batch of Earth + Charcoal clay masks. The atmosphere was beautifully cosy and elevated. There was an almost unearthly buzz and excitement that permeated the air that day, due to the fact that they were beginning to craft this formulation from scratch.


Beyond being vegan, cruelty-free & botanically-infused, Seraphine Botanicals' core grace lies in the commitment and mindfulness of their team who strives everyday in every single way to create life-giving, skin-healing products.

The smells and aroma of freshly-ground leaves, activated charcoal and carefully-selected essential oils wafted all around us, while a team of four stirred, poured & filled in a carefully coordinated, synergistic process. It was wonderful, and we were happy and strangely grateful to have been there to witness the creation of a product that at first glance seems ubiquitous, but in essence carries with it so much care, soul and gentle vibes. 


Earth + Charcoal Purifying Clay Mask will be in our February 2018 box!





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